10 Ways to Make Type 1 Diabetes Fun

10 Ways to Make Type 1 Diabetes Fun


  1. Participate in a research event to learn more about the future of T1D

  2. Join a local Type 1 focused non-profit and meet others like you!

  3. Customize your Pump and CGM

  4. Make a diabetes friendly recipe

  5. Celebrate a Diaversary

  6. Raise awareness with fun T1D gear

  7. Go to a Diabetes camp

  8. Create your own fundraising event

  9. Improve your glucose control

  10. Order a Be With Blue diabetes box



Participate in a research event to learn more about the future with T1D

With an ever changing landscape of new technology, new clinical studies, and updates on how our bodies deal with the science that is diabetes, it’s important to keep up to date.

Joining in for local (or virtual…COVID, ugh) research updates are a great way to stay informed and interact with the rest of the Type One community.

Even with sometimes dense material, research updates can also be super fun! Learning about new developments in the research space is a great way to get excited and inspired about your T1D future!

It’s educational and can even help you shape your own treatment plans with your healthcare provider by knowing what’s out there and what’s next to come. You never know what you might learn!

It’s a great way to help someone who has been feeling a little blue about their own T1D outlook. Most importantly, it will help bring some hope to finding a T1D cure in our future!

Join your local Type 1 non-profit

There should be no shortage of local non-profits near you that are dedicated to helping find a cure and advance treatments for people with T1D.

Joining your local non-profit will introduce you to great events and people who are also on the same T1D journey. Making new friends and doing activities with others that have T1D can be an awesome way to have more fun.

By sharing the common goal of increasing diabetes awareness and searching for a cure, you’ll be sure to create great lasting bonds with other members and even the staff!

These local chapters typically run events all year round that can introduce you to other fun T1D activities. Many are even hosting virtual hangouts and Zoom calls!

Customize your Insulin Pump or CGM

What’s great about T1D now that we didn’t have until recently are all of the fun products that allow us to personalize our devices and have more fun with our management routine.

The new technology like our insulin pumps, connected insulin pens, and CGMs give us all a great way to add some flair and show off our personalities.

As we say here – be ONE of a kind.

There’s a great number of companies and website that offer decals and adhesives for all of your devices so you can match them to the season, your favorite holiday, or just something you think is fun. Check out our friends T1Decal, Pump Peelz, Expression Med, and A Silly Patch for some of these great products!

You can even design your own!

Having type one is already unique, but adding some custom bling to your routine will help make it even more special!

Make a sugar free or low carb recipe

I may not be the most skilled chef and I am definitely a contestant for world’s worst baker, but spending a nice chilly or rainy day inside making a great sugar free recipe or a healthy meal, especially as the weather cools down, is a great way to add some ‘flavor’ to your diabetes lifestyle.

Not only will you have fun making a low carb or sugar free treat, but this is a great way to build some simple healthy living skills as well!

For the little ones, you can take this opportunity to teach them about measuring and carb counting…an important skill for any diabetic to master. The foundations of a healthy meal and healthy habits is an important part of any type one’s life.

Use this as a great opportunity to have fun and learn some new things. Plus…you’ll be let with something yummy when it’s all done!

Celebrate a Diaversary

Not everyone has tracked the exact date that they were diagnosed with their Type 1 diabetes, especially those who experienced the event many, many years ago.

When the anniversary comes around though, it doesn’t have to be a sad day!

Throw a little shin-dig to celebrate your first, 5th, or even your 50th diaversary! It may not be something that we asked for and it isn’t quite as fun as a birthday, but it’s a great excuse to have some fun and celebrate the hard work you put in to take care of your health since your diagnosis.

Living with Type 1 isn’t easy and you deserve to celebrate it! We love the idea of celebrating this occasion and recognizing the effort that goes into managing this disease each day.

To help you celebrate in style – we created our own Diaversary box. Filled with fun apparel and lifestyle items to help you enjoy the day and feel special about how far you’ve come.

Raise awareness with T1D gear

Outside of celebrating a diaversary or customizing your devices, a great way to spread awareness and have fun with your T1D is wearing fun gear or sporting fun accessories that help raise awareness and give you a unique way to show off your T1D.

There’s no shortage of funny and cute items out there that help bring a smile to someone’s face living with Type 1. Between fun apparel like t-shirts and other clothing, supply pouches, or even pins and small knick-knacks to add to your daily routine you’re bound to find something that makes your day a little bit more fun.

We’ve also seen a boom in trendy and stylish type one focused brands thanks for all the new opportunities social media has given us!

Attend a diabetes summer camp

Another great way to build lifelong T1D friends and a great support system is by attending (or sending your little ones) to an overnight T1D camp!

There’s no better way to enjoy a summer off from school than at summer camp. For many parents of children with T1D this can be nerve wreaking to do, especially for more than just a few days!

A T1D summer camp is equipped with knowledgeable staff and equipment to be able to make your stay, or your child’s stay, at camp the most fun and the most safe for them.

It’s another great way to find others who face the same struggles but in an environment that focuses on making living with T1D more fun.

Host your own fundraiser

While we encourage everyone to work with their local chapter for fundraising events, they may not always offer the same type of events or have the resources to help with smaller more localized events you may want to hold.

The good news is that you can always host your own event.

Get creative with how you’d like to raise funds for T1D research.

Whether it’s based on a personal hobby or just something you’d like to do to help raise some research funding its pretty simple to solicit donations for a great cause and have fun in the process. Host a sporting event or tailgate, maybe even your own backyard whiffle ball tournament.

Donating the proceeds to your research organization of choice is always a great idea!

Improve your glucose control

Of course this may not seem like a fun thing to do, and the truth of it all is that in any one moment, it may not be.

Site changes, cartridge refills, injections, or blood glucose testing is the farthest thing from fun. It sometimes distracts you or pulls you away from things you’d rather be enjoying. Sadly, we don’t really have a choice.

The good news is that by doing all of these small steps and eating healthy will give you the best chance to feel great.

Having good glucose control takes effort but it’s the greatest investment you can make.

It enables you to enjoy all of the items listed above and just about everything else you might want to do! So yes, it’s not exactly fun but we promise that it’s worth it.


Check out our Be With Blue diabetes boxes


We've partnered with leading brands to create assortments of diabetes products specifically made for T1D awareness and to help introduce people to different ways to improve their management routines and have more fun with their own T1D.

We want to celebrate everyone's unique journey with diabetes and to be a ONE of a kind person, warrior, and fighter.

Our boxes are a great way to remind yourself or a loved one that they are special and that their efforts to battle the condition do not go unnoticed. We create custom-built assortments that all people with Type One can finally look forward to receiving. 


Do you have any other fun ways to celebrate your T1D or add a little bit of fun into your daily routine?

Leave a comment below if so and be sure to check out our boxes to find a great way to discover more items that can enhance your type one lifestyle and to be one of a kind.




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