An Update on our Diabetic Subscription Boxes for T1D

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Learn more about our customized diabetes boxes that help make living with Type One more fun! Be With Blue is writing an update on our boxes so far and where we are headed next.

Thank you to all of our customers so far! We’re honored to have helped you in your T1D journey!

We wanted to start by thanking each and every one of you that have ordered either our Basal Box or Bolus Box so far. We’re extremely grateful that you found value and fun in our boxes.

From the get-go, it was our goal to provide Type 1’s and their caregivers with the tools that help their routines and to create a fun package for fellow Type 1’s to receive. Many of us receive critical diabetes supplies like insulin and pump/CGM items via mail order but never anything fun! We wanted to change that and make having type 1 diabetes something you can celebrate at least a little bit.

So far we’ve spoken with so many awesome families and people who are all in the diabetes journey together.  We’ve been able to provide accessories for Continuous Glucose Monitors like decals and adhesives (super important for these summer months with a lot of activity!), decals for insulin pumps, glucose gels, and tablets to treat lows, and new diabetes-friendly snacks. We have packed accessories for all devices such as the Tandem T-Slim series, Dexcom G6/G5, Medtronic pumps and Guardian CGM, as well as Omnipod and the Libre. We also worked with a number of vendors to get super fun apparel with different diabetes themed t-shirts in each box, fun pouches to hold supplies, and different stylish bracelets to help spread awareness. We’ve sent over 600 boxes out and we’re thrilled for all of your help in making that happen!

We Love the Feedback! Yes…all of it

We really appreciate all of the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers also! We’ve heard great stories about those who found some joy in their type one diabetes journey from our boxes and have found themselves great new tools. We also got some great constructive feedback on what we can do to improve and we appreciate that just as much! We want to be able to help as many people as we can and bring the tools and fun to those who need it most.

The Decision to Pause (Temporarily…don't worry)

We’ve learned a lot in the process of packing the diabetes boxes, working with suppliers, and listening to you. We’re going to continue creating great assortments and helping to find new items on a regular basis that we think those with Type 1 will love.

But…we have to do it differently. And for us to do that we made the tough decision to pause fulfillment and temporarily stop taking new orders. It wasn’t an easy one to make, but we’ve been refunding all outstanding customer orders and working extremely hard to start making the necessary changes.

We want to remain viable long term and to become a signature item in the type one diabetic community. It’s important for us to feature the brands and items from fellow T1D’s and support our communities too. We want to make sure that we’re providing the same great custom boxes but with faster service and products more tailored to what you’re looking for. It’s important for us to help continue providing the fun and convenience of receiving items.

What You Can Look Forward To

Ssshh. We’ll let you in on a little sneak preview…

We can’t give you too much information as this has been marked as “Top Secret” status but hopefully, this will give you some flavor into what’s to come.

We’re super excited to debut the new boxes. As we listened to all of the feedback we noticed that by creating different assortments for each person that we may not have been able to give each customer the same items. It’s key that we create more consistency while still building each box for your T1D routine, devices, and lifestyle.

We’re going to be creating a larger lineup of boxes to give you greater choice. Some might be tailored to different T1D events, some could be lower priced ‘add-on boxes’ that will give you more specific items, and maybe some more deluxe item boxes.

The biggest change – we’ll be offering the new boxes subscriptionless. Now you’ll be able to purchase standalone boxes or a carefully crafted deluxe bundle. This way you’ll be able to try just one specific assortment OR experience a full lineup of great items.

Stay Tuned…We’ll be announcing more details soon to begin taking preorders!

Thanks again for all the support. We’re looking forward to serving you with more great items from our T1D community!

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