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newly diagnosed type one diabetes box front image
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The Newly Diagnosed

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Welcome to the T1D Club...we don't just let anyone in. While we know you may not have *wanted* to join, we're happy to have you.

We developed this box specifically for the start of your T1D journey. We promise it won't be as bad as it might seem right now and we developed this box to help introduce you to some items that might help you along the way. This box includes a mix of important essentials mixed with fun items to help inspire for the road ahead.

The Newly Diagnosed:

  • Important safety items such as medical IDs
  • Treatment options for low blood sugar from various brands
  • Fun awareness items to inspire and show off your new T1D uniqueness

Don't forget to check out our Newly Diagnosed Bundle - which includes an add-on Pancreas Pack or Banting & Best Box to add even more tools. 

    We continue to partner with leading businesses and people who help supply us with items for our assortments. These items are subject to change from time to time as we look to refresh our products and introduce new items.

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