The 'Betes Box
diabetes box open, medical ID, CGM adhesives, and t-shirt
The 'Betes Box
The 'Betes Box
"betes box on doorstep; closed diabetes toolkit

The 'Betes Box

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The 'Betes Box - a "just-for-fun" assortment made to discover fun lifestyle items that celebrate and raise some 'betes awareness. 

This box combines the best of everything and includes a mixture of Type 1 friendly treats, deluxe apparel, and additional small awareness items to help provide you with a fun box of items. 

The 'Betes Box:

  • Type 1 friendly snacks and healthy treats 
  • Deluxe apparel items and diabetes supply cases
  • Small fun awareness items from various T1D manufacturers
  • Other unique tools to help keep items safe and secure

We continue to partner with leading businesses and people who help supply us with items for our assortments. These items are subject to change from time to time as we look to refresh our products and introduce new items.


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